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Portable Handheld Luggage Scale, Digital

Portable Handheld Luggage Scale, Digital

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This has been a game changer for us when traveling. We know exactly what our luggage weighs, so we're not surprised by hefty fees at the airport. It's easy to carry along, so you can weigh your luggage on the return trip too.

Experience the accuracy and reliability of the Portable Handheld Luggage Scale, engineered to deliver precise weight readings every time. With its high-precision sensor, this scale provides accurate measurements up to 110 lbs (50 kg), ensuring you can weigh even the heaviest of bags with ease. The clear digital display shows weight in both pounds and kilograms, making it versatile and user-friendly for travelers worldwide.

Benefit from the ease of use and readability of the Portable Handheld Luggage Scale, featuring a simple one-button operation. Just loop the strap around your luggage handle, lift the scale, and read the weight on the large, backlit LCD screen. The intuitive design allows you to weigh your bags quickly and efficiently, reducing the stress of packing and ensuring you comply with airline weight restrictions.

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