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Solar Fountain Bubbler for Birds

Solar Fountain Bubbler for Birds

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We have these fountain bubblers in our yard and the birds and butterflies love them. You can set the spray level. The bubbling sound attracts birds and bees. It also keeps the water moving so that mosquitos don't lay eggs. It floats, so it can be used in a pool, birdbath or whatever body of water you want.

With a 1W single crystal silicon solar panel, this fountain harnesses the power of the sun. The maximum pump flow of 180L/h ensures a steady stream of water, while the maximum water height of 1-2 feet adds dimension and movement to your outdoor space. The fountain is built to withstand the elements.

The package includes everything you need to set up your fountain, including a solar fountain, accessories bag, nozzles, nozzle base, adapter, and manual. Simply follow the instructions for easy installation.

Please ensure that there is enough water in the fountain to keep the pump submerged and that the solar panels are fully exposed to the sun for optimal performance. Regular cleaning of the pump is recommended to prevent clogging and ensure smooth operation.

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