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Hydrogen Water Bottle, Hydrogen Generating

Hydrogen Water Bottle, Hydrogen Generating

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Introducing our portable and rechargeable hydrogen generator—a game-changer for health conscious individuals like us. Say goodbye to plain old water and hello to rich, pure hydrogen water with up to 1200ppb concentration. Our bottle uses SPE and PEM technology to generate hydrogen-rich water, maintaining a long-lasting concentration for sustained health benefits. You can possibly experience improved metabolism, better sleep quality, reduced inflammation, and healthier skin with smaller, more easily absorbed hydrogen molecules.

In just 3 minutes, our bottle produces high-concentration hydrogen water, ensuring you have access to its benefits whenever you need them. Enjoy hydrogen-rich water for hours as our bottle retains its concentration, with minimal loss even after an hour.

Reduce inflammation, enhance recovery, and boost your athletic performance naturally with hydrogen water—a valuable addition to your fitness routine!

Specifications: 📏 Capacity: 14.2 oz Rechargeable: With Type C Port

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