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Mattress Vacuum, Dust Mite Removal

Mattress Vacuum, Dust Mite Removal

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This little machine is a game changer. I had no idea how much stuff was in my mattress until this vacuum started sucking it all out! Crafted to redefine household sanitation, this innovative device combines advanced technology with effortless convenience, ensuring a pristine living environment for you and your loved ones.

Key Features:

1. One-Touch Button Switch: Seamlessly activate our mite removal machine with a simple press of the One-Touch button switch, facilitating immediate use and hassle-free operation.

2. Powerful Mite Elimination and Suppression: Harnessing potent suction capabilities, our portable cordless vacuum swiftly eradicates mites and bacteria, effectively halting their proliferation. Enjoy thorough mite removal without any residue, courtesy of its robust suction power.

3. UV-C Ultraviolet Light and Multi-Stage Filtration System: Equipped with UV-C ultraviolet light and an advanced multi-stage filtration system, our portable UV hygienic bed vacuum efficiently purifies the air, eliminating contaminants and ensuring superior cleaning efficacy.

4. 99% Filtration & Separation Efficiency: Achieving an impressive filtration and separation efficiency of 99%, our dust mite remover effectively safeguards against secondary pollution, maintaining a dust mite and allergen-free environment.

5. Versatile Cleaning Companion: Tailored to meet diverse household cleaning requirements, our cleaning machine adapts to various scenarios with ease. From nooks to crannies, it diligently cleans every corner of your abode, fostering a pristine and healthy ambiance.

Specifications:- Dimensions: 24x11.5 cm / 9.45x4.53 inches- Material: ABS- Voltage: 7.4V- Vacuum Power: 10000Pa- Battery Capacity: 1800mAh

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